A distraction is the-thing that prevents one from concentrating on something. A distraction is the devil’s business. Today and every-day I am distracted.  I don’t like it but I just accept that to be distracted is just within our way of life. However, prayer and in conversation with God is the thing that makes me feel better about distraction. Talking to God in prayer and telling Him about how distraction makes me feel is a better position to be in than suffering with the distraction demon alone. So, today – if you are distracted or find yourself doing absolutely nothing that benefits your day – turn to God and ask Him to help you. I am doing that right now, as I am writing this post, already I am feeling better.  I pray that today is going to be a great day – free of distractions. In Jesus mighty name, Amen.

Uniformed People


You’re uniformed so you make irrational decisions. How can I say that? Let’s take Brexit and Trump as two good examples. Not many knew what Brexit was actually about, many felt the UK was a dustbin for foreign people. The entire UK economy is owned by foreign people called: “Investors”.

Now Trump did most of those people think they were going to keep those health care benefits? No…don’t tell me like the UK you believed the hype? Oh you did?

I rest my case, ” Uninformed people making decisions that are completely irrational” Any questions? – Ahmad Yuhanna, Sociologist, UK

KIJO: In my opinion, the UK is a dustbin for foreign people. Arriving in the UK is a culture shock for most newcomers because this is no longer what the world knew this place to be. 🙈  The way I see it – indigenous people think it is paradise for foreign people; that’s a misconception. Foreigners come to the UK to discover that we are trailing behind in many major standard of living – in Western society. Our justice system is corrupted like governments in under-developed countries; only their pay as you go system of open corruption works better there since working class people stand more of a chance of paying for a ‘kind of’ justice. It is not ideal but the West is not all it is cracked up to be either. It is time our people woke up. The same with our government, and our local government services made up of so many poor quality Human-beings that the good ones are overpowered by the bad. Foreigners come here, see that and realise this place is theirs for the taking. They start off with work not requiring much skill and prestige (the jobs no Brit wants to do) and before you know it they are running their own show – yet abused for being foreign- racism and xenophobia. The unmotivated foreigners – the minority that claim our general benefits take what they are given and not what they do not deserve – yet they get blamed for taking what is given freely. We cannot blame people facing their own painful circumstances and expect them to say no to handouts. The Westerners screaming abuse at them have no empathy, have no education and are mostly those who just happen to be the biggest tax on our economy. They feel entitled in their own abuse of our system and in their abuse of outsiders coming in. The same as the unmotivated foreigners are blamed for coming here and messing up our communities – it is not their fault, they have not been trained by our local authorities that hold the keys to our cities, but instead of blaming the Local Authority for failing our communities; we blame the newcomers. It makes absolutely no sense. In this day and age with access to free education; there is no excuse to be a dumbass yet the UK is breeding that phenomena. Meanwhile those foreign investors you speak of – bought up what they could in a feeding frenzy during New Labour days and that is why we are today facing a crisis. The ‘New’ Labour Party made a major dent in every portfolio we hold dear; but people are still too blind to see it. It’s tragic! Shockingly the Tories don’t even appear to have any useful skills to analyse what went wrong because if they did they would have finished The Labour Party by now. It is sad that we -the people – now don’t know which public toilet (political party) to sink our votes in; they all appear to be led by expired people. To US Politics I have this to say: ✞ A ruler with no understanding will oppress his people, but one who hates corruption will have a long life. – Proverbs 28:16 ✞

Religion: Why? – why not?


I am a Christ Follower. I identify myself as a Christian. My wisdom comes from God. My way of life is God-inspired because nothing else makes sense to me. I am a very literal person, I cannot bury my dead and trust them to God, marry in church, bless or christen my babies, celebrate Christmas, do any of that stuff without believing in the reasons why I am doing it. If I didn’t believe in it then it would not sit well with me to do it. My question to you is why would you do any of that stuff if you do not believe in it. I urge you to explore what comes natural to you if only to help you defragment the unnecessary  images that condition your psyche and cause concatenating confusion. In other words, your mind is full of distractions that confuse what you know to be natural – and this causes you to live in conflict with your beliefs.


For example, you might not believe in God, but when a relative dies – you might attend a church service and entrust your dead loved one to God, talk about heaven and lose yourself in thoughts about: Till we meet again. How will you – yourself – meet the conditions for Heaven if you do not understand what they are? You are indeed disqualifying yourself for such conditions if you do not believe in God. So, logically, you must consider why you do the things you do, believe what you believe and say what you say, particularly if what you say is in contrast to what you believe. If you live this way and want to discover the key to enlightenment and happiness, you will never discover it. Furthermore, you run the risk of never seeing your dead loved ones again; because if you are saying goodbye to your dead with the hope of one day seeing them again – there is a lot more to it than that. The creator of this world has no duty toward unbelievers; though having said that, there is Judgement day. Ultimately I urge you to get to know God before you throw the baby out with the bath water.

Me: I believe in God. 100% – without a shadow of doubt, I believe God created planet Earth and I believe Jesus Christ is the son of God. For me to believe anything else I would have to question my sanity and challenge everything I have grown up believing, only to find my entire existence boils down to a theory that cannot be proven but can lead to more theories. Why would I want to live that kind of life?! I’m happy to let those who want to live that way have their fun; it just isn’t for me. If, presuming it is fun – restricted discovery . I get it, everyone who believes what they believe sound arrogant, but it isn’t about arrogance or offending anyone. We all have the right to believe what we believe. I respect your right to believe what you believe and I don’t consider you deluded for believing it. I just want you to understand quite clearly, that this is what I believe.

I read The Holy Bible and it actually makes sense to me – it gels with my view of the world and my understanding of it in terms of real life events. I  go with what makes sense to me, what sits well with me, what I can draw reference from, what can guide me to live my life efficiently and what can explain the natural and the supernatural experiences that each and every one of us encounter daily; The Holy Bible does that for me daily; so for me, there is no argument in terms of my faith and my belief system.

God delights in concealing things; scientists delight in discovering things.                      – Proverbs 25:2, The Holy Bible


Believing in God requires me to have faith because it is not possible that my mind has the capacity to understand the world we live in, and I already know that I have reached that thin line between intellect and insanity, so I am very comfortable with my faith and belief system. I live a life based on what I can see and experience, alongside what I understand about the world I live in, for me, that’s reality – and the only way I want to live.

Education: The Dynamic Character


I believe it is necessary to teach children from primary school age – how to handle disappointment. This will help them skip the ‘sadly-deluded’ stage that many of us go through – and for some – never leaves; taking cognitive dissonance to a whole new level.

Children, or Adults – for that matter, shouldn’t have to learn on the hop. Every individual has a dynamic character inside them, and Positive thinking exercises and inspiration and motivation sessions should be compulsory education in order to develop it. Positive thinking and soft capacity building sessions should be incorporated into every learning syllabus. In addition, each early education lesson plan should be focused on the child being introduced to essential critical thinking skills and problem solving. These changes to the current education system, along with more effective system support, I believe – will prevent, in most cases, post traumatic stress disorder and delayed stress reactions. By Secondary Education compulsory courses should include advanced Capacity Building and Capacity Development programmes designed to equip young people to better handle their concept of their world, as well as their capacity to operate successfully within it. This is how I have been able to help myself and help others heal from their traumatic past.

Today my past no longer troubles me. Upon reflection, it certainly hasn’t ever defined me. That’s the power of positive thinking. The awakening of the dynamic character inside me. Now, the reality is, my childhood really wasn’t that bad. It could have been better, but it truly and absolutely really wasn’t as bad as it previously seemed.
Today, I can give you 100 worse scenarios for me to have participated in for even one episode. I no longer see things from a ‘what happened to me’ perspective. I have managed to rise above the darkness and clutch hope for myself but perhaps the most remarkable thing for me is having found the ability to see things from another person’s point of view; to have empathy and to understand. Today I can see to decipher patterns and join the dots better than I ever could, and these positive learned traits reduce my penchant for addiction and help me see the world more clearly. This, I believe, is important, because people who have lived with such negativity become predisposed to negative thinking and behavioural traits.

If you are suffering the effects of a traumatic past, you don’t need to beat yourself up about the things that went wrong in your life being responsible for what is going wrong with your life today. All you need to do is make a decision to understand your past, appreciate your present, and move positively toward your future.

And you shouldn’t act like you’re over it when you’re not – that level of delusion will just give you a personality problem. You must face your past in a single episode, you must release negativity and embrace your future with hope. It is better to conclude your issues in one, like today – because tomorrow is not promised; and there is life to be lived with much good works to be done. Living without trauma and forgiving all that is past – that’s how to succeed, to triumph, to win.

Happy Sunday!


I wish everyone a Happy Sunday today – with plenty of rest.

We have free Will to decide everything for ourselves – but The Holy Bible gives us great advice that is good for all time – why? Because the creator of this Universe advised us; and those that listen live a much happier life than those who don’t. 

The Pulse of Existence



If you were to meet my mother – you’d notice her fair blonde hair, blue-green eyes, and British accent. Like her, you would understand that she is the quintessential Brit-Chick. To look at her, my mother is Caucasian and there is absolutely no mistaking that she’s definitely British. I am not Caucasian like my mother and the rest of my family, yet I too am a Brit-chick, born in the UK to a British mother who identifies as white. While my family having white skin afforded them white-privilege; white-privilege was not afforded to me because my community saw me as different. And this is how I first learned that it is our ignorance and a lack of education that presupposes our early definition of self. I had to grow up and ‘find myself’ to understand my worth and solidify my place in this world.

Who we see ourselves may not be who we really are, but instead, what we believe ourselves to be is based upon what we look like, where we live, and what we know of those around us. We create our own identity profiles based on what information we have available to us. Who we are, or believe we are has first been decided upon by something out of our individual and personal control – the lottery of birth.  I didn’t ask to be born into a white family – but I was; and yet – I had no white-privilege; not even the half of me that was white; but I still had to accept who I was based on what my eyes could see, ears could hear and limited educated could understand. The rest was left to chance, destiny, faith, or even control; anything but an existence that was based upon an absolute profile. Having said that, whoever I have grown up believing I am, could be changed in an instant. The only absolute that we really have is who we are right now – at any given moment in time – that can even override the importance of the lottery of birth; because based on our entire lives and what it takes to get us from one point to the next is a trajectory – there is a moving force that  insists on being shaped over time, and if we look closely we can see how our personal experiences have shaped who we are and who we will eventually become.

“I have gone through a process to become me – and I have found that where you start doesn’t have to determine where you finish; and where you begin doesn’t have to decide where you end. It is the journey that is carrying the value.”

Prior to when ‘we – but as individuals’ were formed in the womb -life began ahead of us, and we were ushered into existence as though we arrived within a plan. We didn’t personally have a plan but somebody somewhere who exists outside of our space and time set the wheels in motion; otherwise Life simply wouldn’t make sense. There are many pathways in this life, and life gives us a series of choices; the choices we make whether by acceptance or compulsion, or something entirely different altogether. The reality of life supports that there is something out there waiting to be discovered and explored, however, life’s plan is more like a design that has been designed and a creation created by a creator; by something that exists outside of space and time and has a finger on the pulse of existence. What has become clear to me, is that we do not have the mental, emotional and intellectual capacity to understand it. Having faith that we might one day learn what it’s all about – is all we really have in this world.  Faith and a belief system actually makes sense; whether it’s religion or the decision to simply live a good life until the day we die. But for me, I’d rather live my life believing in God than not believing, with the potential to miss out on all the beauty this world has to offer. I believe with every fibre of my being that somebody somewhere has their finger on the pulse of existence – and I’m okay with that.